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Affordable Building and Pest Inspections
in Melbourne

When you need a building or pest inspection, we provide some of the fastest and best inspection reports in Melbourne.

Building inspections

We provide thorough building inspections in Melbourne, from the roof space to the foundations, inside and out, for domestic and commercial properties.

Pest inspections

We detect and identify insects that can damage properties and our pest inspection report advises on how to stop them.

Same day reports

Depending on when we gain access to the building to inspect, we can provide a detailed building inspection report on the same day.

Thorough Building and
Pest Inspections in Melbourne

When you need a building or pest inspection in Melbourne, we deliver very detailed and fast inspection reports.

We will uncover the wear-and-tear aspects of a building that most people don’t see, from cracked foundations to rotting timber in the walls and roof beams.

We provide building inspection reports on new, old and dilapidated buildings around Melbourne. Whether you are buying a new home, selling an old one, live in an apartment or want a valuation on your investment property, a Resicert building or pest inspection will give you the answers you need to know on the condition of your premises and advice on how to proceed.

When it comes to detecting damaging pests and traces of drug use by former residents, we have the skills, experience and most up to date equipment that will render your property safe and healthy for all occupants.

We will give you a phone call as soon as we have finished inspecting to give you a short, verbal report. Our digital building inspection report is far more thorough, easy-to-read and accompanied by photos. We aim to get it to you on the same day but guarantee you will get it within 24 hours.

All inspections are carried by licenced building inspectors who hold all full professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance. We adhere to Australian building standards and codes. Our in-depth Resicert training is current, consistent, continuous.

We offer a number of combination building and pest inspection packages. Why not contact us today so we can help you select the right one for you.

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Our Building Inspection Services in Melbourne

Pre-purchase Building Inspections

Resicert’s pre-listing and pre-purchase building inspections take the guesswork out of how sound that property you want to buy or list really is. Our detailed report reveals all major interior and exterior structural defects, minor problems and safety hazards. We also provide recommendations on how to fix the property so it aligns with the acceptable standards.

Pest inspections

Resicert pest inspectors can not only detect and identify pesky insects such as termites and borers but also wood-decaying fungi. Our pest inspection report gives you a maintenance plan to implement so you will be able to prevent further infestations.

Handover building inspections

We provide the standard of inspection Melbourne property owners want before they take possession. It is wise to engage a licenced Resicert building inspector to check every aspect of the building. Problems associated with non-compliance and shoddy workmanship will be identified in our inspection reports.

Dilapidation building inspections

We provide dilapidation building inspections in Melbourne where a building needs to be demolished before new construction on the same site can begin. A dilapidation report can save lives by highlighting what aspects of the old structure are hazardous, it minimises loss of time and energy in demolishing the building and it prevents disputes between all parties such as the builder and your neighbours.

Owner builder warranty inspections

Resicert keeps up to date with the laws regarding owner builder warranty inspections. You are required to have owner builder warranty inspection if you are selling your home within 7 years of building or renovating it. In Melbourne, you also need an owner builder warranty inspection if you require home indemnity insurance or a builder warranty.

Strata management

As qualified and experienced Melbourne building inspectors, we can save a body corporate manager time and stress by carrying out a thorough inspection of every apartment on the block, noting common and individual areas of concern. Our detailed inspection report provides unbiased building and pest information that all apartment owners and occupiers can trust.

Methamphetamine testing

Do you know what the previous occupiers of your new home got up to? Methamphetamine residue left by previous occupiers is invisible but harmful. It can affect your health if not removed. We can detect traces of methamphetamine residue and advise on professional cleaning and removal so that you can move in safely.

Depreciation schedules

One of the advantages of negative gearing is that Melbourne property investors are entitled to claim a deduction on their assets as they age over time. We provide building inspection reports that will assist you in claiming for the maximum tax benefit you are entitled to.

For fast, efficient and thorough Melbourne building inspections, give us a call!

How the Top Building and Pest Inspector
in Melbourne Works

Licensed and Insured Inspectors

All Resicert licenced professional building and pest inspectors are experienced, honest, reliable, ISO 9001 quality certified and fully. The training we receive is thorough, extensive and continuous.

Detailed reports

Our reports are comprehensive, detailing all aspects of the building from the foundations to the roof, inside and out. All our reports are digital, easy to understand and come with photos.

Fast turnaround

You get a verbal debriefing by phone immediately after the building inspection and the report is available usually on the same day, depending on what time we get access to the property.

Work compliant

All our building and pest inspections and reports comply with the relevant Australian building standards. We all hold full professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance.

About Resicert

Resicert is one of the most sought-after companies for pest and building inspections in Melbourne. Domestic and commercial building inspections are carried out by our experienced and licenced building inspectors.

Resicert’s proven building inspection method has given over 70,000 people peace of mind. Our overall client rating is 9.2 out of 10. Don’t just believe us – read our testimonials below!

Our simple booking and fast scheduling saves time. Our reports are available within 24 hours, depending on access to the property.

We work continuously on our systems, processes and technologies to ensure our building inspectors are always at the leading edge of the industry. One way we help is to process all time-consuming tasks such as billing, chasing clients for money, mailing reports and most bookkeeping to our central office so that the building inspector is free to do what he does best – report on your building so that you can rest easy.

Resicert offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Our motto is: Don’t expect – inspect!

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Choose Us as Your Expert Melbourne Building Inspector

Whether you are selling or buying a property, a pest and building inspection is a cost-effective way to keep you fully informed of what the exact condition of the property really is.

As pest and building inspectors, our job is to show you what lies hidden in and beneath your building. Many Melbourne buildings lie on clay beds that move over time due to drought and other climatic conditions. Melbourne building inspections can test the stability of the foundations and locate any other structural defects that might be affecting the state of the property you want to live in, renovate or invest in. Our comprehensive property inspection report will give you peace of mind before you buy.

If you have bought a property with some minor defects, we can reveal all the aspects that can be improved with repair work. Our inspection services could turn what looks like a renovator’s nightmare into merely a few repair jobs before you move in.

The last thing you want to discover after you buy is that you share your new premises with termites that have been lunching on it for years. Termites are a serious threat to building structures in Melbourne, attacking 1 in 5 homes. If not dealt with, you could lose significant amounts of money in repairs and lessened resale value. Our pest inspection service will discover these minute but dangerous insects and our pest inspection report gives you advice on how to eliminate them so they don’t return.

If you have your eye on a property to buy, do you know who was the last occupier of the premises and what they got up to? We can test for the presence of methamphetamine residue, which will keep you safe and healthy when you move in. It might even influence your decision to purchase.

Our digital building inspection reports are comprehensive and detailed. We supply descriptions and photos that make the report easy to understand. They are delivered within 24 hours, but usually the same day!

Acquiring a property to live in or for investment, knocking one down or renovating – it can be a stressful enterprise, especially of you don’t know idea of the structural condition of the building. An experienced, licenced Resicert building inspector can bring you peace of mind.

If you’re looking for a thorough and accurate Melbourne building inspection, why not give us a call. We’d be happy to answer your enquiries regarding building and pest inspections.

Areas We Service

We provide a professional building inspection service in Melbourne suburbs that include:

  • Chadstone
  • Oakleigh
  • Huntingdale
  • Clayton
  • Westall
  • Spring vale
  • Noble Park
  • Keysborough
  • Dandenong
  • Endeavour Hills and beyond

Give us a call to see if we service your area.

What People Say About Resicert

“As first home buyers, my partner and I were looking for someone trustworthy to help ensure we made the right purchasing decision. Richard was not only very professional, timely and helpful, he went above and beyond to make sure we understood his findings and were 100% comfortable. On a few occasions, we had to turn around a quick inspection and Richard was very accommodating. When we finally purchased our property – he did a fantastic job outlining everything we should be aware of and even called us up the day after the inspection to check we didn’t have any further questions. Would highly recommend Richard to anyone looking for a trustworthy and reliable Building and Pest Inspector. Thanks Richard, will definitely be reaching out again when we’re next ready to buy!”

“Richard did an outstanding job on short notice to inspect a property we were considering purchasing. He gave detailed information across all areas, including things we would never have considered. Even after completing the report I spoke with him at length about his recommendations. We will use him on an annual basis to review the property and for any inspections going forward. I can’t recommend him enough. “

“Richard is extremely helpful, thorough and professional in performing building inspections. I availed his services for Building inspection and Timber Pest inspection for 2 properties and I am very pleased with the outcome. Richard is very easy to reach, always answers promptly and conducts the inspections very thoroughly. He is knowledgeable in all aspects of building inspection, as is evident in his work. The final inspection reports are very detailed and informative and also contain photographic evidence of defects/inspection outcome. Would definitely recommend his services.”


How long will the building inspection take?

It really depends on the size and state of the building. On average, a three-bedroom home will take around 1.5 hours.

What do you inspect?

We check the exterior, interior, sub floor (especially for pests), roof space and the surrounds of the property up to 35 metres.


Do you combine building and pest inspections?

We certainly do! We have a range of pest and building inspection packages to suit most requirements. Call on 0411 924 430 to see which one suits you best.


What do I need to do before the inspection?

We ask you to leave the power on and clear all furniture and anything else that may be blocking where the interior floor meets the skirting boards.


When will I get my report?

After you have paid, the written digital report, including descriptions and photos, is available usually the same day, depending on what time we can get access to the property.


How do I organise an inspection?

Call us on 0411 924 430 with relevant details, such as what type of inspection you want, the address of the property address, the agent’s details and when you need the report.

Contact the Top Building Inspector in Melbourne Today!

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